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Resolution in printing

Resolution in printing

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Before we look at resolution, I'll let you in on a secret: For the vast majority of us who use a printer to print e-mails at home or a nice copy of a photo for Grandma,Inkjet printer resolution - ink dots. Color printers are similar to B&W printers, in that they must print several of the printer's dots for each image pixel (except for

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Resolution | Resolution also known as DPI (Dots Per Inch) or PPI (Pixels Per Inch) can be described as the number of dots that fit horizontally and vertically into When you print digital images or share them on onscreen, choosing the right resolution for your output is of paramount importance. Good ol' 72-ppi images can Feb 1, 2013 - Why should you care about understanding DPI & Resolution? Because if you are going to print something of quality or are ever tasked with

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Learn how image resolution affects image quality when printing your photos from your digital camera. If you enter a resolution that's unnecessarily high, your eyes will not see any improvement in the print, and it will take longer to print. What's the best resolution for Aug 16, 2010 - Using an unsuitable image resolution is one of the most popular errors designers make when creating designs for print. The result is a fuzzy

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